Sunday, October 30, 2011

Princess Party

A couple of weeks ago we celebrated Annie and Maddux's birthdays, and we did it princess style! Annie and Maddux were born six days apart, so it's been fun for them to have a couple of birthday parties together. This party was really fun. The girls had matching princess dresses and there were extra princess dresses for party attenders to put on when they arrived. We even had a couple of princes in attendance.

Here they are slaying the dragon! Matt was a trooper.

Here are all the party attenders (minus Evey who was napping and came late and Owen who didn't make the picture). Note Callie's expression, she should have napped like Evey. She was a "crankster" the whole fun. From left to right on the couch: Lily (church friend), Callie, Josiah, Maddux, Annie. Left to right on the floor is: Sophie, Carson, Coleman (the Mathis twins), and Lucy.

We even had some grown up "princesses" make an appearance.

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