Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Spring Break Trip

We just got back from an epic road trip! It really will end up being the highlight of our year, I'm sure. When Aunt Laura and Uncle Trip moved to upstate New York last summer, we knew we had to figure out a way to visit them. We couldn't afford to fly our whole family up there, so we knew we had to visit at a time when we had enough of a school break to enable us to drive. Once we decided to visit Schenectady, we thought we might as well hit up some other stops along the way. After leaving upstate NY, we drove into NYC, to Harlem, to visit a dear friend from college (Melissa) and her husband (Martin). We spent 2 days touring NYC and then headed out to Washington DC! We spent a few nights in DC and headed back to SC before eventually heading back home to Atlanta. It was a wonderful trip, and God blessed us with no accidents and good health. Callie got to see so many things (statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, the Capitol, the Declaration of Independence, etc.) that she had just learned about in school! I know the younger two will not remember much from the trip years down the road, but I hope to do this trip again sometime in the future. Enjoy the plethora of pictures!

Friday, March 10, 2017

Christmas and Winter Highlights

It's almost spring, and I have been meaning to post a few pics highlighting this past winter. Winter has been very very mild this year, but we were able to capitalize on a few wintery activities. Enjoy the pictures from celebrating Callie's birthday and Christmas in Spartanburg, to ice skating, and sledding.