Friday, October 14, 2011

My discipleship group and "K" is for Kite

We took the girls to the park the other week to attempt to fly a kite. It was our day to talk about the letter K. There was absolutely no wind, so our attempts to fly the kite were in vain. I don't think the girls knew the difference. They loved running alongside Samm as she ran with the kite. It was still a lot of fun, plus we had kiwi fruit and kool-aid for lunch. Also, note how warmly everyone was dressed. We have had perhaps the nicest fall ever in Minnesota. The weather has been amazingly warm (well that is until 2 days ago). It's been chilly and windy for the past couple of days, but we cannot complain. We had so many days in the 80s in October and that just never happens. We'll take it.

Just thought I'd throw up a picture of our d-group this year. It has been such a privilege to be able to lead these girls (along with Holly) two years in a row. From left to right it's Brittnee,me,Emily,Brielle, Allie, and Holly.

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