Friday, October 21, 2011


Callie, I wanted to write this post about you right before your baby brother gets here. You are over 2 1/2 now, and I wanted to remember the things that are uniquely you. Here goes...
-you sure have personality, you are dramatic with high "highs" and low "lows"
-you are so excited to be a big sister and you talk to the baby in my tummy all the time
-you want to do EVERYTHING yourself and unfortunately you tend to whine if every detail doesn't go your way
-you are, and have been since you were little, such a clear talker. you have a big vocabulary and say surprising things all the time
-you love playing w/ your friends
-as of late you love babysitters. the past couple of times, you've basically pushed us out the door
-you can initially be shy in unfamiliar settings
-we know you are comfortable when you start talking a mile a minute
-you are basically either whining (which is no fun) or talking non-stop. I'll take the talking!
-you love being a helper and I think you'll be a great one w/ your brother
-really good at remembering names and faces
-oddly enough you're really good at recognizing mini-vans (or any car for that matter). You can tell the difference between a toyota sienna and a honda oddessy from a long way off and you point out every single one we see on the road!
-you love dancing w/ daddy to christian rap
-you always remind me to pray for daddy and other people
-you are not a tough girl
-you are detail oriented and particular
-you still don't sleep in a predictable way
-you still love to sleep w/ your lovey

I could go on and on. I just wanted to jot these things down to help us remember what you are like right now. We love you so so much and are thankful to God for the gift you are to us.

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Elizabeth Brooks said...

AND your Papa and Bebe love you sooooo much and are so thankful for such a precious granddaughter!