Monday, June 02, 2014

Journey to Baby #3

We are so thankful to God for giving us this little baby girl! I wanted to share a little about how it all came about. As many of you know we have never gotten pregnant easily/own our own. It has always required some level of medical help and lots and lots of prayer. This baby was no exception. Back at this time last year, Charlie and I knew we wanted to attempt to have a third child. We just didn't know when due to the move and all the details associated with that. I just kept praying about it and praying that Charlie and I would be on the same page and know when the time was right to "try" again. The Lord surprised me and moved Charlie's heart along faster than I would have thought. God had already provided so many things for us in Atlanta. He provided a job and a place to live within a few months of arriving here. I think because things fell into place rather quickly, Charlie felt ready to try for a third quicker than either of us had anticipated. The Lord provided immensely and perhaps most notably in his provision of a fertility clinic. We found a R.E. to see whose office was literally 7 minutes from our house and 7 minutes from Charlie's work. In Minneapolis I drove 30 minutes to all my appointments. That would not have worked here in Atlanta and especially with Charlie have a new job. I am still amazed by how those details worked out. It definitely was the Lord's hand. Ok, so to make a long story short, we picked up with fertility treatments at the same place we left off with them when I got pregnant with Coleman. Thankfully my body had a similar response to treatments this time as it had before and we didn't have to do major dosage adjustments. I was on follistim both times (Coleman and this baby). I first month actually ended in a very, very, very, early miscarriage ( what doctors call a chemical pregnancy). That was hard to deal with and I was sad. I was very thankful it had not progressed any further than it did. And, I tried to encourage myself with the fact that at least I had gotten pregnant. So that was month #1. We had 2 more unsuccessful months and then on our 4th attempt we (by God's grace) got pregnant with this little one. We honestly were planning on only trying one more month past the month that we got pregnant. We had begun the adoption investigation and felt like perhaps God was leading us in that direction (who knows maybe one day He still will). The month we found out we were pregnant, I was really surprised. I was convinced that I did not feel pregnant at all, so when I had a positive test I was shocked. It was such a welcome surprise! Ok so this has gotten long. Enjoy the pics. The second picture is of her Yawning. The third pic is me at 22 weeks. The last picture is of Callie on her last day of preschool. It was such a cute picture of her with her teacher Miss Vicki. I just had to include it!

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