Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Lake Lure

This past weekend we went on a little trip with my sister and father (Grandpa) to Lake Lure. I feel like we failed at capturing the weekend with pictures. We got no pictures with my Dad at all! Oops. We also took no pictures of the actual lake. All these shots are from the resort that we had access to. It had a great pool, and later in the evening we went back and played putt putt. Gami and Jane even came up to enjoy the day on Saturday with us. We had a great time. Coleman especially loved his watermelon.

I have to comment on this guy. Though he has been a handful lately (demonstrating his freedom to use the word, no), he is also really cute. His language has exploded in the past month and a half. He talks about cars and trucks all the time! He surprises us daily with new things he is saying. He is even stringing 4 word sentences together. For instance this afternoon when Bebe got in the car with us he said, "Bebe come car too." He will also say (most of the time when I tell him something) "O.K. Mom" or "O.K. Dad"

This past week Callie has been taking swimming lessons from a supporter/friend who teaches young children to swim. It has been great. He has been so kind to do it for free for us. If you look hard, you can see her on the noodle. Today she swam the full length of the pool, only stopping once in the middle for 5 seconds. We are so proud of her!

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