Saturday, July 02, 2011

Photo shoot on the beach

One of the girls on staff with us in Minnesota does photography on the side. She is really good! This summer she was doing a photography internship with two of the students on project, sharing with them her tips and techniques. Needless to say all the moms were thrilled to let our little girls be their guinea pigs. Hope you enjoy some of these shots. This first picture is of the three, Minneapolis amigos! Callie, Maddux, and Annie.

Callie and Maddux

Callie and Evey

Callie and Annie

All the bigger girls. Left to right there is Ellie, Evey, Lillian, Callie, Maddux, and Annie. The only ones missing are the babies, Lucy, who was crawling in the sand somewhere and baby Sophie who was unable to make the photo shoot. Ellie and Lillian are our friends from Michigan State. They join us every summer. We love our time with them and wish saw them more often.

Callie, Maddux, Annie, and baby Lucy (Annie's sister).

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Rachel said...

I can not believe how many little girls there are!! looks like fun!