Thursday, July 28, 2011

Baby Reveal Party

We tortured my family and made them all wait a month and a half after we found out what we were having to tell them what the baby was because we wanted to do it in person and in a fun way. We decided to do a "baby reveal" cake. Probably many of you have heard of it. You dye the inside of the cake either blue or pink and the first person to cut into it reveals the surprise. Here's our cake. Gami, Callie's grandmother, got to do the honors of cutting the cake.

Here are the party attenders!

Here's the best picture we have of our little guy. His name is Coleman Matthew and he is due Nov. 2nd. We are so thankful to God for him. Coleman is Charlie's middle name (it's been a family name for the past 3 generations.) Matthew is name after Matt Reagan, a guy that has discipled Charlie and had a huge impact in his life. Matthew also means "gift of God", which he truly is. We plan to call him Coleman (maybe Cole sometimes too.) We can't wait to meet him.

Here is a video from the party when Gami cut the cake: Notice all the people with blue plates waving them in the air.

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