Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Milwaukee Christmas Conference

The whole group from Northwestern that attended the conference

(left to right):James, Pat, and Travis

A group of girls (with 2 guys in the background) from Northwestern

While we were unable to go to conference this year, we heard great things about how students' lives were changed at the conference. Our theme was "free" and most of the talks centered around the freedom that comes in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. One of the big things that came from conference this year was vulnerability. After hearing many of the talks and spending time with other staff and students, the students felt much freedom in sharing their sin and weaknesses with other with the hope of being freed from those things. Many realized that you dont have to get your life together before coming to Christ daily, but we are to come to Him in need of grace and forgiveness.
There were also many talks on discipleship and multiplying your life through ministry. A lot of students began to catch more of a vision for being involved in discipleship relationships. One student from Northwestern named Rob said, "I feel like I cannot wait any longer. I want intentional discipleship. When can I grow together with a group of men?" This is an amazing work of God that he could say this after becoming a Christian just a few months ago. If you would like to hear any of the talks from this year's conference you can go to

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Brian said...

This is the first year we have missed conference since we have been involved but it was nowhere near as good a reason as your's. Congrats