Monday, April 25, 2016


We went on our yearly trip to the strawberry farm this past Saturday. I love going strawberry picking with the kids. I don't know if they will want to do these things when they get older, so I am enjoying family outings like this while they are young. I think we ended up going a week or two earlier than we went last year. Weat,her wise it was helpful because it was not hot. I remember last year being very hot and Natalie being cranky. This year the weather was wonderful and everyone had a great time picking and eating them in the field! We brought home 2 gallons. We saved a bunch just to eat on this week. We froze some for smoothies. We made a strawberry cobbler (that got eaten in one evening), and Callie and I made 9 jars of freezer jam!

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Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful day! I know everyone had fun! I saw several red lips as proof they enjoyed the strawberries!