Sunday, April 12, 2015


We just returned from a wonderful spring break trip to Tennessee. We enjoyed celebrating Easter with my family in Atlanta. A few days after Easter, we headed up to Tennessee for a little vacation. We spent two nights in a cabin on a farm at the foot of the Smokies. The kids loved petting the animals (until Coleman got headbutted by a horned goat and pecked by a chicken, poor guy!). We also got to collect chicken eggs and fresh lettuce. The farm had hiking trails and beautiful scenery. We toured Cades Cove in the Smokies. You will note the picture of the 3 black bears that we took there. We were fortunate to see a lot of animals in Cades Cove. The picture of the five of us with the mountains in the background is from there. Finally, we finished off our trip with a visit to see my sister! The kids wanted to hike a mountain, so Laura took us to House Mountain in Knoxville. It was a mile straight up, but the kids did awesome! We were so impressed. Coleman had his heart set on climbing a mountain (he'd been talking about it the whole trip). We were so glad to find one that was doable but big enough that it also offered a great view from the top. Enjoy a few pics that we took from the top!

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