Saturday, January 12, 2013

Kiddo Updates and Christmas Photos

I thought it had been a while since I posted any updates on what the kids are doing these days. I feel like Coleman is changing so much so quick. Here's a list of the things he's doing these days. 1. saying more words. He for ball, dada, mama, mama(for milk, this can be confusing sometimes), and up (for pick me up, I hear this a lot!) 2. He's understanding and following alot of commands I give him like go get your shoes, get your coat, and he'll bring those things to me 3. waving a lot 4. still gives strangers blank stares, he's not an easy smile 5. playing hide and seek with Callie 6. he still pounds the food, as you can tell!

Callie, I picked this picture because she's been great about entertaining her brother lately. She still loves to read to him. 1. Callie's been loving preschool. 2. She's been playing Candyland like crazy (new game she got for Christmas). 3. Singing songs from the Sound of Music (another christmas gift) 4. She can count to 100! 5. still loves to dress up

snapshots from Christmas

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