Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I've been wanting to do a blog post lately, but couldn't come up with anything to post about. We havn't been doing much around here. Winter has completely set in. We've already had plenty of days that it didn't get out of the single digits. Plus, I'm realizing that it does take longer to get out of the house with two kids. Getting out about once a day is plenty. Here are just a few pictures from over the last few days.

Callie walks around the house looking like this all the time. She is an accessory girl. She loves scarves, necklaces, headbands. She likes to deck herself out with these things. Callie has been going through a bit of a whiny streak, although this week has been much better than the previous week. She was sick the previous week and naturally that upped the whining. Lately, she's been loving dressing up like a princess in her rappunzel dress and working puzzles. She got a United States puzzle for Christmas. She's going to know all the states by the end of the semester with how much she's working the puzzle. We are also working on phonics this semester.

Getting ready for church. I thought Coleman looked like a little man in his sweater vest. Callie was ready to walk out the door. It's been so helpful now that she's old enough to get her own coat, shoes, and hat on. It really helps, especially on Sunday mornings when Charlie is already at church and I'm trying to get us all out the door.

Coleman has been such a delight. He really has been such a sweet, easy baby. I am so thankful. I mean he has his moments but overall he is so easy and content. Lately he has been sleeping, laying under his jungle gym, sitting in his bouncy seat, smiling, or swinging in his swing. That pretty much sums up his day. He is grabbing at the rings in his jungle gym. He's also started grabbing at my face and mouth when I hold him. He babbles and smiles a lot until he gets tired and then he spaces out/sucks his thumb. He is a big time thumb sucker. He gets swaddled with one arm out so he can suck his thumb. He easily puts himself to sleep each night. Nightimes are usually pretty good with him. He'll wake up once or twice (mostly still twice) at night to eat, but he goes back down easily. We finally caught a good picture of him smiling.

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