Sunday, September 25, 2011

34 1/2 weeks

It's crazy that I am 34 1/2 weeks already! Sometimes I feel like this pregnancy is flying by and then other times I feel like I still have a ways to go. Here's a few little tidbits from pregnancy this go around.

-I got bigger faster (crazy how that's even possible, I got big, fast the first time)
-Coleman is pretty active in the womb (maybe even more so than Callie, wondering how that will translate when he's out of the womb...yikes)
-pretty sure he's head down which is a blessing
-feeling very winded these days
-overall this pregnancy is more taxing b/c I'm taking care of Callie at the same time
-I can see him squirming under my skin much more clearly than w Callie (maybe b/c my uterus is more stretched out? kind of weird)
-sleeping has been way more difficult than I remember
-fun to have Callie feel my belly
-feel hotter w/ this pregnancy.. temperature wise that is :)
-feel like I am carrying exactly the same way I did with Callie
-overall I have more energy when I am pregnant, was the same way with callie. It's crazy. My body will feel tired but I almost NEVER feel sleepy, which is quite unlike me.

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