Tuesday, November 03, 2009


We had a fun Halloween. We didn't dress Callie up this year ( I have a great lady bug outfit for next year), but we did put a hand-me-down Halloween t-shirt on her.

It was a pretty, sunny day (although the wind was a little fierce) so we had to get outside. Callie enjoyed watching Ellie Jane run all over the park.

Finally, we ended the day with some good ole Chipotle. Chipotle offers free burritos to anyone dressed like a burrito (i.e. wearing some tin foil). We had to take advantage of this special day! In fact, I get way more excited about this aspect of Halloween verses any other. It brought back funny memories of last year when we wrapped my gigantic, pregnant belly in tin foil! This year we just wrapped little "C". Stay tuned for more updates. Callie is starting to take a few steps and Charlie and I are on a mission to catch her in the act with the video camera.

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