Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Entertainment as of late

Honestly some of our favorite time lately has just been getting out of the house to go to the grocery store. I know that doesn't sound very exciting but when that's some of the only time you get out of the house, you tend to look forward to it. Thankfully, Callie seems to enjoy being pushed around in the grocery cart (most of the time at least). It is great that nearly every day I have a student or two come to the house to hang out. It definitely breaks up the day and we don't feel like total "shut ins." I guess we have to get used to being indoors. From the looks of our weather, our outside days are few and far between now.

Yes, these are pictures of Callie playing with a garlic bulb. I took them today because I thought it would be a good lead in to a funny story from yesterday. I was hanging out talking with a student yesterday afternoon. Callie was playing on the floor, and out of the corner of my eye I saw her pick up some small white thing and put it in her mouth. It was really small, and I thought it was just paper or something. She kinda made a face but kept chewing on it. She crawled over to me, and I got a whiff of her breath. It was definitely a little bit of raw, minced garlic that I had been chopping for this dish I was making! The student and I could not stop laughing. Raw garlic is so strong, but Callie didn't seem too phased by it. She just spit it out eventually and kept going, but her breath reeked for a while!

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Kaye said...

that is hilarious!