Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mountain House and SBP set-up

We were offered the opportunity to spend a night away at a mountain house in Ellijay this past week. It was a good time for the three of us to get away. We relaxed, played tennis, built a fire, and explored some of the mountain. We enjoyed this night away very much. Here are a few pictures from our first "family vacation":

Before heading to the mountain house, I went with some fellow staff members to Myrtle Beach on a set-up trip for our Summer Beach Project. We were there for two full days visiting a few churches and different businesses in the area trying to find a place for us to hold our large group meetings throughout the summerand places for our students to work. We found some a place to meet and a lot of potential jobs. We are trusting that God will provide jobs for the 120 students that we are praying will come to Summer Beach Project this year. Here is a picture of the four of us in Myrtle Beach (Andrew, me, Matt, and Paul):

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Ben and Kaye said...

callie is so cute! she always looks so alert &'s really cute...see y'all this weekend!