Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I (Charlie) am leading a group of 3 sophomore guys along with another student named Jack. Pat, Pete, and Corey are sophomores that are growing in their walks with God. They all have tons of theological questions about things in scripture and what they mean for our lives today. In my 5 years on staff, I have never led a group of guys that had so many questions. This semester we are focusing on a Bible study called foundations. Each week we are studying a different topic (i.e. God, Jesus, the gospel, discipleship, community, etc.) and learning what the Bible says about each topic. As I am thinking, praying, and planning for these guys, I am realizing that the best thing for them in getting their questions answered is to go back to what the Bible says about these foundational topics. When we are left to what we think about different aspects of Christianity, questions and doubts arise. My hope and prayer is that, as these guys learn more about God, Jesus, the gospel, etc., many of their questions will be answered.

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