Thursday, April 17, 2008

James and Drew

James and Drew are two guys that meet in my discipleship group. I just wanted to show you guys a picture and give you an overall view of what God has done and is doing in their lives. They came in to the school year as sophomores just looking to grow in their walks with God. Through meeting in our discipleship group, coming to campus meetings, leaders retreats, hanging out with myself and other staff, God has really grown them in their walks with God. They live together on a hall with a few other freshmen guys. We have talked this semester about what it will take to influence other guys on the hall with the Gospel. They are leading a small group of students at our men's Bible study. Both of them have decided that the best opportunity for them to grow and learn more about leading other men in their walks with Christ will be at the Summer Beach Project. They will both be leading small groups of 3 to 4 men this summer. It is exciting for me to see them grow to understand that they are not just to learn about the Gospel and how it affects their lives for their own sake. They are learning these things so that they can see others impacted by the truth of the Gospel. In the book 3 John, John writes that he has "no greater joy than to see that my children are walking in the truth." Drew and James are spiritual children to me, and I can say that I have no greater joy than to see them fighting to live lives worthy of the Gospel and impact other people around them at college. I have confidence that because of what God has done in their lives this school year, they will be people who hold fast to the truth and seek to influence others with that truth no matter where the Lord takes them

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