Thursday, March 27, 2008

Boston Spring Break Update - Part 3

I wanted to tell you all a little bit about Stephanie, one of the
women we met at the rescue mission. Stephanie was my bunk mate and
had only just arrived at the mission from prison a couple of days
before we got there. She was one of the first people I talked with
there. A little about her story, she's my age and didn't start using
drugs until her twenties. The trigger point for her was finding her
boyfriend of 10 years dead from a drug overdose. Instead of that
making her afraid of drugs it pushed her towards them because they
helped her "cope." Her dad had a history of drugs and alcohol abuse.
They frequently used together. Some time later, Stephanie got caught
driving with alcohol, and every type of drug imaginable on her. She
was sentenced to one year in prison. Now she is at the rescue mission
finishing her prison sentence. She has found out that her dad is
dying due to drug and alcohol abuse of a long period of time. His
dying wish is that she would get clean and stay clean. She doesn't
really know if that is motivation enough for her. Her battle is so
intense. She told me there isn't a minute of the day that she doesn't
think about using drugs. She was addicted to heroin, and that can be
some of the worst stuff. I got to listen to her a lot and share with
her a lot. She would definitely say she's not a believer and she just
doesn't know what she really thinks about God. She told me she
doesn't care if she lives or dies and she hates herself. It's so hard
to know all the right things to say in situations like that, but I
walked through verses like John 3:16 and Rom. 6:23 with her. I drew
out the bridge diagram (a diagram showing how Christ bridges the gap created between God and man by sin) and gave it to her. We talked through sin, our
need for a savior, God coming and suffering for us, many deep spiritual
truths. I challenged her to read the gospel of John. When I got home
I mailed her a NIV study Bible. I hope that she will read it and
that God would pierce her heart with His truth. I pray that maybe he
used me to plant seeds that others will come along and water and one
day will yield the fruit of salvation in her life.


Kat said...

Jen - Thanks for sharing about your trip and your interactions with the people there. I can't imagine the difficulty of knowing what to say in situations like that. Glad the Lord was able to use you guys by His grace.

stephanie said...

Wow, what a neat but heartwrenching story. Thanks for sharing! I will pray for her right now!