Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Winter Carnival '07

We braved the 0 degree wind chill to see some ice and snow sculptures at the annual Winter Carnival in St. Paul. It is a miracle that Charlie was able to get the camera out of the pocket long enough to take the picture. But it didn't seem quite as bad once we experienced 64 hours of temperatures below zero. The coldest in 2 years. Enjoy these pics from the carnival.


Tracy Carson said...

Hey Guys- Do you know we are coming to brave the weather ourselves next week! I think the Curries are having everyone over on Saturday night to hang out. We are so excited to see you! Jennifer, any warm weather dressing tips? See you next week. (We are there from 2/14-2/18)

Kevin Arrowood said...

I am so glad we live and work in the South. It is pictures like this that make me grateful for the 30 degree weather, that I normally complain about.